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Enterkey Training receives funding from the West Midlands Combined Authority (WMCA) for delivery of Adult Education Budget (AEB).

This section details our subcontracting arrangements.

Enterkey Training is committed to continual improvement in teaching and learning in both subcontracted and in-house provision. This is demonstrated by ensuring that any subcontractor is selected through a process that requires demonstrable evidence that they can deliver and sustain high quality education, including high quality teaching, learning and assessment, for all learners in all venues.

We expect all partners to have the same high standards that we adhere to, and be able to:

Enhance the opportunities available to learners.
Fill gaps in niche or expert provision or provide better access to training facilities.
Support better geographical access for learners.
Offer an engagement and entry point for disadvantaged groups.

We will only subcontract services where necessary to:

Enhance the educational opportunities available to learners in the region.
Strengthen links with local community organisations for the benefit of adult learners.
Promote more effective collaboration with other adult learning providers in the region.
Diversify the capacity to deliver, by providing education and training that Enterkey Training does not have the infrastructure to deliver itself.
Enterkey Training will not contract any supply chain delivery member where this would require delivery of WMCA funded AEB provision to a second level. All of our supply chain delivery members will be contracted directly by us.

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